Web Site Design

Digital Media Storm understands the “Vertical Integration” requirements of a successful Internet Marketing System.
This philosophy requires us to consider and propose, solutions that often go beyond the scope of the client’s original thinking about the requested solution.

The successful marketing of a business or organization requires more than a simple website:

  • The information provided must satisfy the needs of the User that is seeking and consuming it.
  • The information provided must actively “feed” the Search Engines if the organization, and information that it is providing, is to be found.  So, initial design and build, with attention to internal structure and components is paramount.
  • The information must be coordinated between several different “Internet Properties” (Website, Social Media, Search Engine Pages ie: Google Plus, Directories, Video Sites ie: YouTube, Mobile Site, etc. in order to “leverage” each for Cumulative Gain.

We begin the process by stepping back, and discussing the Strategic Plans of your business, looking at:

  • Goals
  • Strenghts
  • Competition
  • Current “in place” assets
  • SEO audit of your current site

Content is then organized in a “Site Map” that presents copy, images, data, videos, etc. in a way that makes sense to both the “Consumer User” and, equally important, the Search Engines.

Only THEN do we approach the visual design of your site.

Why do we do it this way?

ANY site can be designed with ANY visual component, and those components can be arranged and presented in ANY way that is visually pleasing. 
Just as you’d discuss your FAVORITE home’s exterior, finishes, arrangements of rooms and fixtures with a custom home builder and architect, we’ll ask you to show us several of your FAVORITE websites, discuss what appeals to you and why, and then build you exactly what you wish.

Remember that with modern website design, any color, border, image, text, column, logo, header, footer, menu, etc can be incorporated in ANY design you chose.



This may be a SINGLE strategy:
- Website & Blog
- Mobile Websites
- Social Media
- Video
- Email Newsletter
- Text Blast Marketing



Multiple, Coordinated solutions, important for:
- Branding
- Product Introduction
- Service Providers
- Professionals
- Political Campaigns
- Clubs & Organization



Overlapping, Coordinated, Strategic solutions for:
- Political Campaigns
- Corporate Positioning
- Crisis Management
- Market Dominance



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